Meet The Team

Welcome to Entire! We are a team of Professional, International Triathletes all about INSPIRING you to perform better.


It’s not JUST about bringing you an insight into the pro life, but also providing the community with a TON of tips, tactics and strategies through our own experiences, and other cool stuff to help you achieve your personal GOALS.


Sharing our AMBITION and knowledge from the journeys we take and the people we meet through training and racing, is our way of giving back!




Two Friends, athletes, competitors: Josh and Iestyn are Entire’s Co-founders but only part of the team. Iestyn's the man with the extensive experience, eye for detail, and forever in pursuit of performance gains. Josh is the Architect… literally, turned pro triathlete, using his architectural creativity to bring Entire to life.


Senior Coach

Matthew is a professional triathlete from Barbados with over 10 years of international racing and training experience, having trained in multiple high performances centre’s around the world, as well as gaining a BSC in Sport Science with Management from Loughborough University. He is the Caribbean’s number 1 ranked triathlete, and has competed at multiple Major Games and championship races, with his training currently building toward qualifying for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. 


•    2 Commonwealths Games

•    2 Central America and Caribbean Games 

•    Pan American Games top 10,

•    Multiple British Super Series podiums

•    Multiple World Cup top 10’s

•    National Champion.



He considers himself a true student of the sport. With his scientific background, clear and concise communication skills, and his lifelong dedication to sport, this drive and passion is directly reflected in his coaching.


Head Coach 

Josh is an Architect, teacher and business owner turned professional triathlete and coach. Formally an international swimmer, Josh has turned his pool fitness into triathlon success having competed in competitions globally on the ITU circuit and the Commonwealth Games mens elite triathlon 2018. 


Having qualified for the Commonwealth Games whilst completing his final year studying architecture, as well as a life time of juggling sport and education, Josh knows first hand how to balance work, life and exercise in order to achieve the most out of each of them, and wishes to apply this knowledge to help others to reach their goals. 


The ability to overcome time constraints with focused, intelligent and efficient training are all of high importance to Josh and will be fundamentally applied to his coaching methods, delivery and programs. 

  • Commonwealth Games 2018

  • Mens Elite British Senior Champion 2019 

  • Outlaw Nottingham Half Champion 2021


Head Coach

Iestyn is a professional triathlete with over 10 years’ experience of competing at a high level in the sport. Iestyn was initially a member of the British Triathlon Talent squad at the age of 16 having won the Inter-Regional Championships whilst competing for Wales.

Iestyn then went on to train at Loughborough University alongside many Olympians in the World Class Performance Squad whilst simultaneously studying for a Degree in Sport Science.


Having turned professional in 2015 the results that Iestyn was expecting to achieve did not occur. It was only after taking the bold move to step away from a squad environment in Loughborough and really taking ownership of his own training did Iestyn start to unlock his true potential in the sport.

• Commonwealth Games 2018

• European Cup Podium

• Represented GB at u23 Level

• British Senior Elite Championship Medalist

• Welsh Champion


It is this ownership and thought process that has led Iestyn to come up with his own performance formula, where training is governed by the individual athlete. Iestyn's instinctive approach, underpinned by scientific literature and data driven training principles, has proven to be highly successful for not only Iestyn, but the athletes that surround him. 


Senior Coach

Ollie is currently living, studying and training in Cardiff, Wales. He is a professional triathlete from Jersey Channel Islands.


Ollie studied at Le Rocquier School which has led him to study a level 3 extended Diploma in sports studies at Highlands College. He now attends Cardiff Metropolitan University which commenced in September 2018 studying a Degree in ‘Sports and Exercise Science’.


He currently races International Triathlon at Elite Senior and U23 level, which has taken him to compete for Great Britain in multiple World and European Cups. In addition he was selected to compete as part of ‘Team Jersey’ at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast. His goal is to continue to pursue a career in professional triathlon after his studies are completed, but wants to use his vast experience and technical prowess within the sport to educate and help those seeking the best out of their performances. 

Specialising in skills and race tactics, as well as good understanding of training methodology, Ollie has a lot of advice he wants to pass on to help people achieve their goals. 


Senior Coach

Freddie is a professional triathlete from bath. Prior to moving to Cardiff he was part of the National Triathlon Centre of Bath for 3 years where he was a training partner for Vicky Holland for her 2018 world title. During this time, he was part of the National Talent squad (2017 and 2018) and started competing internationally for Great Britain.

Freddie is currently an Elite U23 who has his Pro Licence for Xterra. From 2018 he has taken ownership over his own training pregame which has allowed him to learn loads about the sport and the keys to improving his own performance. This learning has allowed him to further increase his passion in seeing others develop. He takes great pleasure in helping to share his knowledge of the sport in helping to improve others performance.

He is passionate about being able to structure a training plan around client’s daily life and family commitments to get the best out of their performance by using scientific base approach.


He is currently studying Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage at Cardiff Metropolitan University which commenced in September 2019, however has also previously studied a BTEC level 3 Extended diploma in sports science at Bath College. He currently has a level 3 in sports massage and is aspiring to do a masters in sports rehabilitation. 



  • Level 2 triathlon coach

  • Multiple Elite British medallist

  • Currently a member of the Welsh performance centre

  • Coached on multiple Robin Brew Sports camps (Triathlon, Running and Swimming) in Lanzarote

  • Coached on multiple South West tri-star camps

  • Coached at Hot chilli tri club​


Senior Coach

Cameron is a professional triathlete competing for Great Britain at races such as the Elite European and U23 World Triathlon Championships. He is also on the Team Scotland short list for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games next year, with the high possibility of making the team.


Cameron started being involved in Triathlon back in 2012 and since then has worked with several high-level coaches and Olympians from around the world, which has allowed him to gain a great deal of experience and knowledge in all three disciplines.


Having an honours degree in Sports and Exercise Science, being a qualified Level 2 Triathlon Coach and currently completing The Certified Running Technique Specialist course he is well suited to support and develop ENTIRE clients. He is also very motivated and dedicated to create unique and effective training programmes to improve people’s overall performance and enjoyment in the sport of triathlon. 


  • European Cup podium

  • Represented GB at U23 and Elite Senior level

  • British Senior Elite Championship medallist

  • Scottish Champion

  • Ranked in the top 200 in the World

  • Currently Part of the Olympic Performance Programme based in Loughborough

  • Level 2 Triathlon Coach