Who is Consulting for?


  • Anyone facing a specific challenge or wanting change.

  • Anyone having a hard time consistently performing at their previous level.

  • Anyone looking for more balanced success.

  • Anyone struggling to find their purpose.

  • Anyone wanting to take control of their life.

  • Anyone wanting to achieve a goal that they have been struggling with on their own.

  • Anyone wishing to perform more effectively and successfully.

  • Anyone who knows they want more from life but they’re not sure how to get it.

  • Anyone who is committed to change but needs someone to support and guide them.

Consulting vs Coaching


We want you to be in control of your own life. True strength and power come from when you decide that you want to optimize your life. We believe in you. We are here to guide and support you while you take full control, ownership and responsibility for your thought’s choices and actions… your life!


When you have a coach, you are giving over control to someone else. They write programs and tell you what to do. We don’t believe by giving over control that you will ever reach your true potential. We aim to educate each of our clients with our coaching or consulting services, however if you aren't looking for a full time coaching program, then consulting could be for you. 

Online Session

1-1 Consultation

60 Minutes £149

One time consultation for those looking for direction and a deep dive into their current training and where to go next. 

Online Session

1-1 Consultation 1 Year

90 Minutes / quarter £499

12 Months. Meet once a quarter for 90 mins.

Online Session

1-1 Consultation 1 Year

90 Minutes / month £999

Meet once a month for 90 mins.