1-1 Coaching



Our coaching process begins with identifying the specific needs of the athlete, learning about the athletes lifestyle and goals. This is to ensure that the program is fit to your specific profile and life demands, and we are able to implement and evaluate short to long-term objectives. This is a great way to get to know both the coach and athlete and establish how best to move forward.

  • Online video consultation 

Season Roadmap

Performance progression is a journey, and you need a roadmap to set the direction and ensure you stay on track as you evolve and improve.

  • Personal annual roadmap based on race calendar, training focus and goals


Training Program

We want every Entire coached athlete to enjoy a complete experience while ensuring it is unmistakably Entire.

  • Custom to your life schedule and race goals and integrated into your daily life. Delivered via a Training peaks premium account

  • Workouts are imbedded with coaching cues and built to easily synchronize with your favorite training tools. (Garmin, Wahoo, ZWIFT, TrainerRoad etc.)

  • Training Peaks can be adjusted and updated to work with your coach to update on life stresses such as fatigue, travel, and injury (when you are not in your regular routine)  

  • Your daily and weekly schedule is a living roadmap based on your training progression and feedback


Feedback and Individual Guidance

We believe successful feedback isn’t cheerleading or telling you where you went wrong, it is anchored on course correction and keeping you on track to success in all components of the Entire Methodology. We promise that you will receive meaningful feedback and guidance from your coach.

  • Unlimited communication with your coach

  • Daily review and feedback in Training peaks on all executed training sessions

  • Regular reporting and analysis with your coach to ensure you are on track with your training and progression



An empowered athlete is a great athlete. We believe that that training is much more than a great program we want you to understand the mission and meaning behind your approach and sessions. Education is the backbone of our coaching.

A Distinct Methodology

All of our coaches operate under one system, utilizing the workouts and methods we use on ourselves. We practice what we preach. We are committed to on-going training, support and mentorship of our coaching team.

  • You cannot be coached by Entire without buying into our core belief of integration of training into life.

  • Every coached athlete is viewed as an Entire athlete not one who is simply led by coach X.

  • We believe coaching is a life long endeavor of learning and growth. Our coaches are constantly learning and developing as a team.

  • Our coaches are not left out to pasture, we have a peer to peer support system as well a head of coaching to ensure consistent feedback and guidance for all of our athletes.

  • You can expect the application of our core methodology to evolve season over season, with the entire coaching team engaged and contributing to the development.


Designated Coach

  • You will be matched with a coach based on your athletic needs and personality



We know that we are stronger together. Triathlon training can be lonely and isolating. We will do our best to connect you with other like minded athletes from around the world.

  • Access to our private community pages

  • Organized race meetups 

  • In-Person group coaching sessions in Guernsey and Wales

  • Regular Training Camps

Premium Training Peaks Account

We utilise TrainingPeaks to provide a portal for athlete-coach interaction. The TrainingPeaks platform enables the dynamic implementation of a training program, which is accessible via web or mobile device. TrainingPeaks software is used to plan, track, and analyse the training of each athlete.

Video Analysis

We understand that form and technique is part of progression. We provide video analysis either remotely or in person for swim/ bike/ run. 

  • Analysis of form 

  • Advice in the form of drills and cues as well as video tutorials to help you improve. 

Lactate Testing

This will give us an in depth analysis of your physiology, providing more accurate data to work out training and racing zones. It will also provide a better understanding of how your body will react to certain training alowing us to produce a program even more specific to your needs.

This is a great opportunity to get lab based testing at a fraction of the price.

  • A series of lactate tests for swim / bike / run 

  • Zone provisions

  • More accurate and tailored training 

Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning 


We understand the value of life in and around the sport and wish to advise and educate on good practices and have the contacts and resources for you to seek professional guidance should you need it. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Entire requires a three-month minimum commitment for 1:1 coaching

  • Athlete must provide a 30 day cancellation notice or one billing cycle. Your bill date is the date in which you register.