As professional sportsmen we understand the physiological mechanisms that underpin performance and drive adaptation. We understand the technical nature of each sport and how to apply the methods for improvement.


As competitive triathletes we swim, we bike, we run, we race, we train. We understand first hand, what it takes to be at the top of the sport having competed at the Commonwealth Games, and what will contribute to become the best that you can be and have success within the sport itself. 

We are passionate about each sport, and everything it takes to reach the goals that each individual wants to achieve. 



We will not compromise on the level of attention to detail and personalisation. In order to ensure each individual achieves their desired program we provide one plan that is all-encompassing, with no added costs. 



An all-encompassing package to facilitate everyones individual needs. There will be no need to go elsewhere to get what you need to progress to your full potential. 

  • Athlete Profiling

  • Lactate Testing

  • Consultation

  • Follow up testing 

  • Monthly training program

  • Training performance feedback

  • Race performance analysis

  • Closed Group communications

  • Training Peaks Account

  • Video Analysis

  • Sports Nutrition advice 

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Unlimited Coach Contact

  • Program Revision

  • Adaptive Plan 


(minimum 3 months)

Adaptive plan: Allows the athlete to put their coaching on hold for any period of time up to 3 months, after which a start up fee will be necessary to reacquire baseline data


Whilst we endeavour to provide the best advice, feedback and performance enhancements possible, your use of our services is entirely voluntary and solely at your own risk. You the athlete take full responsibility for any health issues that may arise from following our training program.