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7 Top Tips for Weight Management

| W E I G H T |

'The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, the next best time is today.'

Stop putting it off. Set your targets and get going.

Be patient...

...this doesn't happen overnight. Give yourself at least 3 weeks to start seeing changes, and at least three months to reach an achievable target.

1. Water

Stay well hydrated to avoid any unwanted cravings. I constantly mistake hunger for dehydration. It's also a good way to fill yourself up before a meal should you be trying to lose weight.

2. Make it about what you can eat instead of what you can't

Losing weight / 'dieting' is tough, and can be miserable if done incorrectly. Instead of thinking about what you can't eat, think about what you can. Change it into a positive mindset.

3. Fill up on Vegetables

Similar to water intake, vegetables are a generally low calorie way of filling yourself up.

4. Carbohydrate Intake

Manipulate your carbohydrate intake to ensure that you have enough energy for your workouts or your daily activities. 'Fuel for the day'... Don't think that this doesn't include evening meals as well... if you have a big day of activity the following day, make sure to have enough carbohydrates in your evening meal!

5. Everything in Moderation

I try not to cut anything out of my diet. I tend to live by the everything in moderation rule of thumb... The biggest mistake people make is misconstruing 'moderation'. A family packet of crisps is not moderation... a few slices of cheese is very dense in calories, so maybe only have a small amount etc. Snack on things that are filling but not necessarily calorie dense. I have used popcorn and rice cakes in the past.

6. Be Aware

Have some general knowledge of calorie dense foods and low calorie foods. This may help you decide on what to choose to eat. That being said, also be aware of your body's needs. I've gotten a lot better at 'listening' to my body and understanding what it craves.

Tools I've used in the past are calorie counters such as 'my fitness pal' ... this is an amazing way of being aware of what you are consuming... but be sure to account for your daily activities as best as you can. Link it to strava or similar, and be sure to account for every small snack you have... it all racks up

7. Monitor your progress

Get on those scales... Take photos. Whatever the reason is you may want to maintain, lose, gain weight or lose excess fat, be sure to monitor your progress and reflect on where you have come from and where you are now.

It's easy to lose sight of what you are doing and why, become obsessive and not be able to respect where you have come from.

Celebrate your achievements whatever they may be! It's not easy... so reflect, and congratulate yourself...

At the end of the day weight management is 'simple'. If you eat more than you burn, you'll put on weight. If you eat less, then you'll lose, and the same can be said for maintaining. That being said, awareness of exactly how much you are burning in a day is more difficult. Tracking what you eat is the easy bit... but it's a start.

If you find yourself with a significant lack of energy, grumpy, irritable and generally not able to go about your daily activities, you're probably not eating the right things at the right times. Try and listen to your loved ones when they tell you what you're acting like if they say, 'you look tired', or 'well someone got out on the wrong side of the bed this morning'... It's a hard thing to take on board / accept, but try and be aware.

It's not worth sacrificing relationships or your day to day activities just because you are under eating or hydrating.

Be sensible, be aware.

And if in doubt, consult a professional.

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