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Top 5 Hangover Hacks

5 hangover hacks

Whilst I can’t claim to get hangovers very often at all… not only due to the lack of drinking in my current lifestyle choice, but also just the way that I’ve always been… I have no idea why… it could be a metabolism thing, or maybe even something to do with a lack of production of a certain enzyme someone once told me. I don’t know.

That being said, I’m not inhuman, and I do get the occasional hangover. Usually from mixing a fair few different drinks! I thought I’d share my top 5 ways that I try and get over it. Everyone is different and this is by no means backed by scientific analysis, just, as always, personal experience.

  1. Stick to the same drink - Starting with the night before, If I stick to something like Gin for the night then it tends to reduce the risk of hangover. Red wine however doesn’t work like this so choose your drink carefully.

  2. Sleep it off - There have been a few time’s I’ve woken up with a headache, gone back to sleep and woken up a couple of hours later feeling better.

  3. Have a shower - There is something about having a nice warm (or cold… certainly not my preference here) shower, that makes me feel 10 times better.

  4. Rehydrate - A lot of the symptoms of a hangover are caused by dehydration… so…rehydrate… diorolyte is a good one to use here, if not just drinking water with electrolytes.

  5. Have something to eat - Sometimes the last thing you want to do, but something that could help a lot is to have something decent to eat. I always find this settles the stomach and makes me feel a lot better.

Again, I’m no scientist, but a quick look on google backed up some of these with actual science. Click here for more on that…


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