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Bespoke document
Bespoke document

Each athlete receives a personalised document to summarise key data which gets updated every few months with new test data to show and validate progression

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Ever wondered how to change the zones on your Garmin?

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Depending upon your discipline, certain physiological tests are more useful than others. Our testing services are designed to provide each athlete with specific data that can be applied to their specific discipline or physiological targets.

Each athlete gets their own personal profile which highlights their current standard, goals, and progression over time. 

Athlete profiling

*included within Entire and High Performance Coaching packages, and also as a product of lactate testing. It provides an overview / guide to how to effectively execute your training program and informs you about the purpose and importance of each session

This is an opportunity to produce an athlete profile based on physiological testing, aiming to provide scientific data to measure training zones and progression. This will include a detailed consultation going through all of the following;

Performance Testing

Training Zone Provision

Body Composition

Needs Analysis

Annual Training Plan Development

Athlete Training Guide

Lactate testing

£100 / Discipline

*included within Entire and High Performance Coaching packages

This will give us an in depth analysis of your physiology, providing more accurate data to work out training and racing zones. It will also provide a better understanding of how your body will react to certain training alowing us to produce a program even more specific to your needs.

This is a great opportunity to get lab based testing at a fraction of the price.

Overview of Body Composition

Training Zone Provision