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Personal training without the extra cost

Ultimate value for money

Kickstart your triathlon training or focus in on your goal with a perfect introduction to a personalised plan and personal coach for a fraction of the price!

The 12 week academy is a great way to get yourself going and building the foundations for the future for just £75 / month.

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Bridging the gap between a purchased training plan and a personal coach 

We want to bring people together to feel part of something, and work towards their goals. The Entire Performance Squad is our way of doing that. By joining the squad you join the community by getting access to all of our online forums and team events, as well as exclusive discounts on events, products and subscriptions. 

The squad is perfect for all athletes, beginner or advanced, who want to share the journey with one another, join a thriving, motivated group of athletes, but don't necessarily want a one-on-one working relationship with a coach. 

Zero Risk, Big Reward

Join us with zero risk. We understand that it's tough to make a change, so if our service isn't a good match, we will give you a full refund within the first 14 days.

Just get in touch by registering your interest below without any commitment at all at this stage.

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Introducing our Cohort System

The Academy is a 3 month block of the our training plans and methods, limited to TEN athletes on a first come first serve basis.

The cohort system is a scheme devised to have a group of athletes complete their personalised training plans at the same time, communicating and having the support of one another and their coach.

This will include optional group catch up's, zwift rides, and educational seminars.

We really do believe this is the ultimate value bundle, so be sure to sign up whilst spaces last.

Join the Entire Performance Academy today: 


Begin your journey with a comprehensive chat to get to know you, your life, ambitions and goals.


Understanding the training is a fundamental part of our methodology. If you understand, you'll be motivated and more likely to succeed

Supporting Partners

Tap into our discounts from our partners!

Race Kit

Get access to our stand out race kit from industry leaders Nopinz!

Weekly training program

Your week is tailored to you. Bespoke to each individual, checked and updated weekly.

A distinct methadology

We all sing off the same sheet. Bespoke to you, but tried and tested by us. 

Training Peaks account

Stay accountable and motivated with how we deliver and track your progress.

Feedback and individual guidance

Communication is key. We give feedback and guidance whenever necessary or sought after


Join the ever growing Entire Community. Meet up at races and join our online chats and forums. 

Unrivalled coaching relationship

Our communication is unrivalled. We develop strong bonds with all of our athletes. 

Traning Plans

Enrol for your cohort

Feel free to register first or sign up straight away, however you will only be required to enrol once the start date has been announced. This usually happens at least 2 weeks in advance. 

If you're waiting for the academy to start, please check out some our helpful resources below. 

*Our Guarantee

There are a lot of training plans out there that over promise on what they deliver, for that reason we offer a 14 day money back guarantee - we ask that you sign up through the website which gives us full control of a same day refund should you not think the Entire Performance Squad is perfect for you.