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Do you have your Dad to blame?


Not that I wasn't already aware and appreciate both of my parents daily, moving back to Guernsey for December has acted as a strong reminder of how inspirational both have been throughout my life! Now, I know that I've named this post controversially as having my dad to blame... But It's by no means neglecting the roles my Mum has had in my upbringing and even today. For the purpose of this post and to mitigate a long ramble about how fortunate I am to have the parents I do, I'm just going to focus on some parts of the relationship I have with my Dad.


I'm constantly amazed at the shape my dad keeps himself in. There have been times over the past few years that I've been out on the bike doing a tough session and he is able to stay with me throughout... granted he will be blowing out of his ass, but still.. impressive nonetheless. It's been reinforced whilst he's been in Wales, coming on rides with me over the mountains and making them look easy on gear ratios that were far from favourable. It's not just sport that I have a lot to live up to within the Lewis family. His work ethic is second to none... Now this was seen throughout his working life, and every day tasks/ activities. I could only dream of having the amount of energy / drive to 'Do' to the extent he does. He literally can not sit still...


So much so, it's almost annoying!... Try watching a movie with him whilst he is relentlessly tapping his foot on the ground or just moving around in general. No one is perfect. Not that he'd agree with that... I jest... However... he is never one to want to show weakness... always half wheeling me, talking to me constantly going up hills, pretending to not be out of breath. It doesn't stop there. He often refuses to admit when he is ill / sick... to the extent that he's had well in excess of 30 years at work without a day off for being sick. No sick days... sorry what?! ... and that's not because he wasn't ill... he was... just so stubborn that he refused to admit it.

It has it's uses

His inability to sit still comes in handy around the house. Whenever he visits, he's manages to do plenty of DIY around my little flat, vastly improving it and helping me out. I'm not complaining.

All in all

I have a lot to live up to! Whilst I see a lot of my Dad within myself, I can only hope to work as hard towards my goals as he does. He has exhibited plenty of grit and determination throughout his life and has embedded / passed on many of these traits to me. Let's hope I can put it all to good use.


Not the standard Acknowledgments section you may find at the start of your dissertation or bibliography. More like the fact that it might be a good idea to go out of your way and figure out how you are similar to your parents... Acknowledge those personality traits, and tailor them / use them to your advantage to aid your progression towards your goals, whatever they may be.

Having that awareness of how your parents have used their personalities to get to where they are will aid you to develop your own and mould it successfully.

This could be anything! Your parents have given you plenty of skills and tools for the job... its learning to use those tools in the right manner that will allow you to make the most of them and help you to succeed.


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