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Last minute Christmas gift Guide for Triathletes

We are quickly approaching the 'panic buy' phase of the lead up to Christmas, and that may make those with triathlon obsessed loved ones to ask the question "what can I get them that they haven't already got?"

And you're not wrong in asking that question. Triathletes seem to have all the kit in the world, so what can you get them that they may not have thought of, or that they may not have realised they needed...

See below our budget and premium gift guide for swim / bike / run:


A recent addition to the goggle strap! A waterproof MP3 is a great way to keep yourself sane whist putting in the aerobic meters in the pool. I recently bought this budget MP3 player and headphones for my easy swims during isolation and it's been great. Really easy to use and unobtrusive. The only thing I'd say is that the headphones that it comes with are quite long and can get in the way, so I shopped around and found some good short ones as seen below.

Budget: £45

Premium: £160

Bonus Addition: £35


It's winter... people have manoeuvred themselves indoors and usually onto a smart trainer. There are a few things that people may not have, but should do...

Firstly some things to battle the sweat. Firstly, a fan! But second to that, some form of sweat mopping devices such as a small hand towel, headband and wrist band. They'll thank you!

Budget: £45

Premium: £263

Headband £5

Something people may take for granted, but a table / surface to put their tablet, laptop, food, book, or similar onto...

Budget: £15

Premium: £200


There is something quite satisfying about heading out for a run in the winter. It's a discipline you tend to do less time on in comparison to the bike and one that you almost always do outdoors unless you're blessed with a Treadmill at home! It's got that sense of enjoyment and escapism... that is until you're sodden through, cold and a bit miserable whilst you head back indoors with your teeth chattering, nose dribbling and puddles forming around your feet. So how do we keep running outside and staying happy. Simple... a raincoat. These are not something to necessarily skimp out on as if you go too cheap they will soak through very quickly, so the budget isn't necessarily budget.

Budget: £55

Premium: £260 (these come up small, so go a size bigger)

So, there we have it, a few last minute gifts that your already kit bound friend or loved one may or may not have. We use a lot of this stuff (primarily the budget options) but that doesn't mean we wouldn't love the premium ones! They are all set aside in wish lists and baskets, ready to be bought if and when we can bring ourselves to hit the button... A moment of weakness, or unexpected influx of funds! ... more likely the former. Either way, they are all put to good use day in day out, and that's why we consider them to be worthy investments.


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