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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Throughout my sporting career I don’t think I’ve ever really taken ownership of my progression or fully understood what I’m doing and why. I thought I did whilst I was a swimmer but in essence I was blindly following my coach and to a certain extent it did work, but I never truly reached my potential in my opinion. So starting with the National Triathlon Performance Centre Wales, I once again put full faith in my coaches. However, this time it was different. I had a far bigger interest in the sport and after a year I was questioning things and taking far more control of my program as I was desperate to improve.

A large part of this was due to the team around me and the culture that was being created, the other part was Iestyn and the conversations that we were constantly having, initially over breakfast, and then consistently in between sessions. Iestyn would go away, research, and then come back to me with a new training theory of which I would then question persistently until either I understood, debunked or he wasn’t able to explain any further. This continued for a long time and our sessions and training program adapted accordingly to test theories out and see how we coped, managed, and improved using various methods of testing through the NTPCW.

This control and obsession with progression has seen a rapid improvement in my ability over the past few years, allowing me to surpass others that have been in the sport a lot longer than myself, showing that we have hit a balance of efficiency and training effect. Iestyn has also seen recent improvements since taking more control of his program after a long period of stagnation having some of his best seasons to date.

Whilst we are still searching for new and better ways of doing things, we feel as though we have settled on a method of training that we are confident with. ENTIRE was a concept we had about bringing professional, quality, efficient training to anyone who wants to make vast improvements in their sport, all based on the physiological benefits of the training methodologies we’ve been using in our own training. Tried and tested on ourselves and squad members, and based on sound scientific research, we believed that we could help athletes achieve their goals.

Professionalism and Quality were the key elements here. We both live our lives in a very professional manner and we wanted to implement that within our company ethos and therefore spent a long time setting it up and ensuring that we were able to deliver what we set out to do for each client. Starting slowly we began building up a client base to ensure that we were able to provide the quality service we were promising, and before long we were confident in our ability to do this. Again, like any aspiring company, we are still looking at ways of making things better for us and our clients and continue to provide a quality service.

I guess in summary, my interest in helping others achieve their goals and Iestyn’s obsession with finding new and better ways of achieving success has resulted in the production of ENTIRE as a company, which has allowed us both to transfer our skills and knowledge to those seeking improvements in whatever it may be through the focused, efficient and bespoke training methods we implement on ourselves!


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