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The difference between you and the pros

How to make your New Year Resolution stick

2021 has arrived. The commonality of making New Year Resolutions that often fail before they begin have been made. The big life improvement... the opportunity to be a better you in one way or another has began.

Why do new year resolutions not stick?! Why are most people unable to see them through... continue them year on year?

I stopped making New Year resolutions a long time ago... Not because I didn't want to benefit myself... more because it seemed like an odd time to me to begin something new. Did I really want to start doing something on January 1st... the middle of winter... dark, sometimes depressing days... Cold... wet and probably generally miserable.

No. Not me anyway. It's just too difficult.

That being said, that doesn't mean many other's aren't attempting to achieve change in one way or another. So how would I go about that? ... how should YOU go about that?

Back to why I wouldn't begin a challenge at a time that doesn't suit me... Is it truly when you want to begin? Does it suit you? ... probably not... BUT, if you want to, make it as easy as possible.

The Resolution

The Resolution is your goal. It's the big one. How do you achieve the resolution... as pre mentioned, it's a case of making it easy. Break it down into its most simplistic form. What would it take to achieve your goal?

What do you HAVE to do?

I'll use a common one as an example; weight loss.

I want to lose 5KG. If you start here and end here... you have no idea on how to achieve that goal. So the next step would be to work out how to lose 5kg... Calorie deficit. But how much? 0.5kg equates to roughly 3500kcals ... So ... for example... if you want to lose 0.5kg a week then that is 500kcal / day you have to be in deficit. How you achieve that is the next, and most important step. There are multiple ways of going about it.

This is the process.

The Difference between you and the Pro's

In a sporting context you'll find that the pro's focus on the process and not the goal. If you're able to create a routine that makes the process easy then the outcome will take care of itself.

They have one big goal and then they forget about it. It's obviously there, and in the back of their minds, but they let the process do the work.

Finally they recognise achievement and get motivated by progress.

Success breeds motivations and therefore encourages more success...

This is where a lot of people fall short... they don't break down the end goal into manageable bite sized chunks... they focus only on that goal, and not the process to achieve it. If you make the process easy to do day in day out, then it's easy to achieve.

So, in Short

Develop a routine that incorporates the process that you have to do to achieve your goal. Find success within that process. Recognise achievement.

That way the process to achieve your goal becomes part of your day to day life, you enjoy the process as you are succeeding day in day out. You become motivated, stay motivated, and reach your goal.


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