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The Holiday Gift Guide

We are quickly approaching the 'panic buy' phase of the lead up to Christmas, where we ask the the question "what can I get them that they haven't already got?"

And you're not wrong in asking that question. We all seem to have all the kit or gadgets in the world, so what can you get them that they may not have thought of, or that they may not have realised they needed...

See below for our thoughts on what could be convenient gifts for anyone who needs some simple fixes or conveniences to life's little problems.

Our Top 5 pics this winter

In this day and age we are face-timing or video calling more often than not, and it's more than frustrating when your parents are waving the phone around or catching the microphone and creating that static. A phone stand is ideal for chucking your phone on and leaving it sit still, with good audio and viewing angle. Give it to a loved one that you can't stand waving the phone around...

Now the reason for such a simple accessory is that it's the ultimate value for money. Whether it be a cycling cap, casual cap, or run cap... they are invaluable for keeping the rain out of your eyes and off your face. If you keep the rain off of your face, it gives the illusion it is nowhere near as bad as it is!

Now a bit rogue, but how many devices do we have to charge these days? A usb extension hub is ideal for both home and travel... especially if you're travelling and have a few things you need to charge abroad!

Something I rate quite a lot for ease, simplicity, and convenience is a smart plug. I use a few around my house for lamps, or even turning on the fan when you've jumped on the static bike when you're cold but are warm 5 minutes later and need the fan on!

Genuinely the most most used item on this list have to be the airpod pro's. They may be the most expensive by quite some way... but they definitely get their money's worth. Whether it be walking to work, out for a run (in transparency mode of course... safety first), on the turbo trainer / static bike, or even watching tv whilst cooking, I have these on me wherever I go.

So, there we have it, a few last minute gifts that your already kit bound friend or loved one may or may not have. I use all of these things daily. They are all put to good use day in day out, and that's why we consider them to be worthy investments.


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