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Entire Weekend Workshops

Cardiff 13th / 14th August 2022
Limited to 10 spaces* - first come first serve

Join Us for a 2 day intensive workshop that will provide you with essential skills, both basic and advanced, suited to Sprint distance through to long course / Iron man athletes. You’ll get individual advice on swim, bike and run while applying ENTIRE training methods to improve your performance.


You will get the opportunity to train and be trained by professional athletes, where you will directly benefit from their tips, experience and seeing how they operate. All sessions will be tailored to your own performance and goals, with individual advice to ensure you get the most from the workshop. 


There is an emphasis on learning, with seminars on training approach, nutrition, equipment and competition.

*in order to provide each athlete with the attention they deserve, we are limiting numbers within the workshop



​There will be 4 sessions throughout the weekend consisting of:

1 x Swim - Saturday am

1 x Bike - Saturday pm

1 x Run - Sunday am

1 x Yoga / Gym + Food and Seminar  - Sunday pm

*Exact timings will be sent to you alongside your pre arrival email briefing 

During the workshop you will get individual advice on swim, bike and run techniques, while applying the ENTIRE training methods to improve your performance.


Aspects that are covered during the camp are:

Training philosophy – learn ENTIRE principles of periodisation, the training mix, psychology + physiology, athlete development and the use of races within these considerations.

Swim training – techniques for the individual athlete, use of swim tools, stroke correction.

Bike training – positioning, technique for the individual athlete, bicycle and component selection, skills, tools.

Run training – technique for the individual athlete, shoe choice, use of run tools (hills, track, treadmill, road).

Triathlon – integration of swim, bike and run into the one training approach.

Stretching – massage, warm up and warm downs.

Injuries – prevention, treatment, athlete mentality and training around or through them.

Race execution – strategy for the individual athlete and season goals. 


  • All swim, bike and run coaching (1 session per discipline)

  • Pre-camp questionnaire

  • Unlimited access to coaches during the camp 

  • ENTIRE Seminar

  • Training with professionals having just returned from the Commonwealth Games

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