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Massive Triathlon PB's - News

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

The triathlon season is about to begin (if not already), and as the winter block of training comes to an end, I think it's important to reflect on the hard work and therefore improvements and achievements that our athletes within the Entire Performance team have exhibited over the last six months!

It's going to be hard to capture everyone's improvements within this one small article, but i'll give some of the highlights for you.

Seeing as a lot of the Guernsey contingent have just completed the liberation day 7 mile race, I guess that's a good place to start. Whilst in triathlon it's very difficult to measure improvement in races themselves due to changing conditions and courses / distances, it's far easier to measure improvement in running races, which there has been plenty of in Guernsey over the winter period. Not only that... they do the same courses at the same time of year every year, so it's easy to compare like for like.

Running away with it

There have been some BIG improvements throughout the whole team at Entire in all of the running races, but I thought i'd focus on this one as it's the most recent. Thierry has been with us for a good 3 years now and has come a long way from not wanting to get out of the door for a 20 minute run. Last year he really broke through, helped by a growth spurt and consistent training he made massive improvements... Which makes his 1 minute course pb in the 7 mile race even more impressive. That's some big gains in one year considering he's been working with us for 3! He also placed 2nd to round off a good winter of podiums in the sport.

5 Minute PB

To top that though, Chloe Truffitt, who started working with us last year, in the same race improved by 5 minutes! Yes... 5! That's huge. Again, considering she was training prior to joining us, we consider that a huge success. She too made the podium, rounding it off in 3rd place.

Return to racing

Simon March deserves a notable mention, after fighting his way back from Covid for a long time, completing his first race this season which was great to see from our side and we are buzzing to see him back on the start line.

Challenge Complete

David Armstrong and Dean Boote both completed some big challenges over the weekend too with David completing his very first 70.3 in just over 5 hours and Dean riding 130km in under 4 hours!

More big gains

Gavin Medlin had a great winter improving his half marathon time by 8 minutes in a short period of time, running a 1:21, as well as improving his FTP on the bike by 30W since November, which is on par with Kate Hutchinson who also improved her FTP by 30w and Jordan 40w's in a similar timeframe! With Age group World Champs on the agenda, we can't wait to see how people perform in upcoming races.

Callum Smith has seen some big jumps in performance too, which resulted in him climbing the podium for his age a few weeks back in the Early Brigg sprint tri. A solid all-round race put's him in good stead for the remainder of the season.

Much more to come

This is only a few of our highlights from the past few weeks, but there have been many more top performances that we will update you about in the near future from both our Coaches and Athletes!

Keep an eye out on our instagram feed for up to date results and news from the team!

Here are a few more for the highlight reel!



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