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An Epic weekend at Leeds Triathlon

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

The Entire Performance team produced fantastic results over the weekend. With 3 Age group European qualifications, 3 podiums, and some huge PB’s between them, it’s safe to say that it was a great success all around.

With athletes coming from all over the country (including Leeds itself) we had a great group at the races. Five of our coaches were competing in the mens elite race whilst we had another 7 athletes racing in the various age group categories. And it was epic. To see how well everyone performed across the weekend was amazing.

This was one of the first triathlon’s for the athletes this year and it really showed how much they had improved over the past year / two years, moving up their respective age groups and smashing their PB’s on the same course!

In summary we had 5 people in the top 10 in their age group and those who missed out on a top 10 finish still had huge PB’s!

  • Megan 3rd in age group 4th overall

  • Thierry 1st in age group 7th overall

  • Dave 4th in age group 19th overall

  • Callum 6th in age group 20th overall

  • Chloe 9th in age group 23rd overall

  • Kane 15th in age group (11 minute PB)

  • Chris Knowles 26th in age group (most competitive age group)

Megan, Thierry and Dave also qualified for the European Age Group Championships!

One of our standout performers and one to watch must be Thierry. He won his age group by 10 minutes, whilst being at the bottom of his age category at the age of only 17, and 7th overall… a fantastic performance all around.

It wasn’t just our athletes who had great outings over the weekend. The coaches had great races too! Head coach and co-founder, Iestyn, put together a great race after coming back from injury to one up his previous podium position by coming 2nd, whilst Ollie had his best race to date to finish 5th. Matt just outran Josh to finish in the top 20 after they spent the day chasing on the bike and running through the field. Fred had a solid week behind him after competing for GB in the World Cross Tri champs earlier in the week to wade home just outside the top 20, but a decent performance nonetheless, putting himself in the race throughout.

Not only that, the squad that a lot of the boys train in (the NTPCW) seriously delivered, stacking out the top 20: 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 16th and 17th.

All the girls too! Stacking the top 10: 3rd, 6th, 8th and 9th.

It’s reassuring to both ourselves and our athletes to see so many fantastic performances… we practice what we preach, and the program seems to be working.

This is only the beginning of the season. Let’s look forward to some more top performances all around.

Well done team!


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